Hey friends! I know a lot of you have been looking forward to this day, and I'm SO excited (if you can't already tell) to be finally launching my new blog!

The reason I chose to wait until today to launch my blog is that on March 13 (two days ago), I celebrated my ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY!

In celebration of this, I am launching...drum roll, please...

Before I give you the link, here are a few important updates:
Now that I have this new blog, I will no longer be blogging here at Willowcreek Pines. You will find me blogging only at Julia Nelson from now on. I will still check on this blog if you guys have any questions or comments. (Speaking of comments, if you're as excited as I am about this new blog launch, comment below!!)If all goes well, I will transfer all subscriber emails to Julia Nelson, and you will still get weekly emails from me. (If I can't figure that out...well, you'll be notified through this blog. :) )Be sure to read the first post on Julia Nelson. It will…

Writing Tips #5 | Writing Tools I Love to Use | Part 2

Most of you probably have Microsoft Word on your computers, especially if you use Windows. It’s a great program to help you write and create a great piece of writing.
When I’m "pantsing" a novel, I tend to have about seven documents open:

1.Bits of Planning
3.Documenting my Progress
5.When Editing…
6. Images

(Two of the above documents--Bits of Planning and When Editing…--could probably be included in the Notes document, but I like having them separate.)

Bits of Planning is basically what it says: longer notes/plans for my novel. I didn't include it in Notes because my notes are shorter than an outline, so it keeps me more organized. In Notes, I keep track of my characters' names and where they live, etc. (However, if you didn’t want so many documents, you could definitely just use Notes for this purpose.)

Discards is one of the most important documents I have, and here’s why: If there’s a part in my novel that I love, but can’t use, I cut it from my …

5 Things Every Blogger Should Remember

Hello, everyone! Today, I am very excited to share a guest post I wrote for Bella Putt's blog.

Beginning a blog can be terrifying. Having a blog can be sometimes stressing. What if you don’t know what to write about? What if you make a huge mistake?

Observing different blogs, I have noticed common mistakes several of them make, and I have learned from them so I wouldn’t make the same mistakes.

Today, I’d like to share with you those common mistakes, as well as a few things to remember so you can serve your readers well.

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My Writing Journey | Febrary 2019 Update (+ a "Secret" Surprise!!!)

It's hard to believe February is almost over! Where has the time gone??

Today, I am going to share what I've been writing, as well as what I've been working on. It's VERY important, so keep reading!

Accepted or Rejected?
I submitted an article to The Rebelution for Valentine's Day, and it was accepted! It was published on Valentine's Day, and I shared the article with you last week. (But if you missed it, you can read it here.)

I'm also looking in to submitting to I haven't emailed them yet because I'm too busy right now, but in a month or two, I probably will!

Novel Update!
This month, I went back to my first novel, A Candle in the Window, and started editing it. However, I've been busy writing a short story with my writing lessons and working on that "secret" (which I will tell you about later in this post) so much that I haven't had time to edit my novel.

I ordered a hardback copy of In His Hands from so I could hav…

The Greatest Love You Could Find this Valentine's Day | The Rebelution

Yesterday, Americans celebrated a holiday about love.

Valentine's Day.
Cards, candy, love letters, and hearts are often used to celebrate this holiday. However, we must remember that romantic love isn't the only love that exists. There's a much better, much deeper, much more meaningful love.

That's what I'll be sharing with you today in my article, "The Greatest Love You Could Find this Valentine's Day." I hope you will take the time to read it not because I wrote it, but because I know you need to hear the message of God's love for you.

Click here to read The Greatest Love You Could Find this Valentine's Day.


P.S. Please bear with me and this blog for a few more weeks! I realize this is not the most beautiful blog, and I'm working on changing that!! Thank you for your patience!

Writing Tips #4 | 5 Writing Tools I Love to Use | Part 1

Today, I've decided to give you a short run-down on what I use in my writing. I'll tell you what I use when I write, and hopefully you will find some of these tools helpful and maybe incorporate them in your own writing!
Here are 5 of the main tools I love to use in my writing.

1. My Computer
I enjoy writing on the computer more than handwriting. I blame my bad handwriting on my writing (okay, it's not that bad). My brain works faster than my hand does, so my handwriting is often sloppy when writing quickly. I also give my writing credit for having a good WPM (words per minute). Writing on my computer has definitely improved my typing skills! Needless to say, it's also much quicker to write and easier to read. ;)

2. Notebooks
When I do end up handwriting (I wrote the entire outline of my short story, The Story of Christmas, by hand), I love using the journals from Frecklebox! I have about five of these journals, and I've been devouring them! They are well-made, hardback…

Verse of the Month | February 2019 (+ FREE VIDEOS)

Have you ever looked at one of your friends and asked, "Why is he/she so good at that? Why can't I do that too?"

Today, I want to encourage you that it's okay to be different from the rest of your peers and friends. God made everyone uniquely, and that actually should be exciting!

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BONUS! The Young Writer Revolution videos! These videos are SO encouraging to me as a young writer, and I know they will encourage you, as well! Brett and Jaquelle will tell you that your dream to become a published author IS possible! And here's how.
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